22 Short & Curly Hairstyles For Older Women: Ageless Looks in 2024

Short and curly hairstyles can add volume, elegance, and character to your look without needing constant upkeep. 

Embracing your natural curls can be a beautiful way to showcase your personality and style, especially as an older woman. 

Whether you have tighter coils or softer waves, there are a variety of styles perfect for emphasizing your unique curl pattern.

Short and curly hairstyles for older women offer a versatile range of options to embrace their natural texture and exude timeless elegance. For example, a tapered curly bixie is a chic choice, combining short sides with voluminous curls on top for a modern twist, while a curly bowl cut brings a touch of nostalgia with its even length and textured curls. For a more classic look, the stacked curly bob adds sophistication with its gradient of curls, and if you’re feeling bold, a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) celebrates your curls in all their natural glory. Whichever style you choose, short and curly hairstyles offer a perfect blend of comfort and style, regardless of age.

Discover new ways to accentuate your natural texture with our curated list of 22 short and curly hairstyles for older women. 

22 Short & Curly Hairstyles For Older Women

1. Tapered Curly Bixie (Pixie Bob)

A woman with a brown tapered curly bixie.
By Instagram @bestviewstudio

A tapered curly bixie is a fantastic option for older women seeking a pretty, manageable hairstyle.

This cut combines the best elements of both bobs and pixie cuts, providing a chic and breezy look.

For older women with thin or fine hair, this cut can add the appearance of fullness and thickness, making it a flattering choice for various hair types. 

2. Curly Bowl Cut

A woman with a blonde curly bowl cut.
By Instagram @pinkkiliekki

For a modern twist on a classic style, go all in with a curly bowl cut.

This haircut is characterized by its uniform length around the head, creating the signature “bowl” shape and gently framing the face.

Embracing this quirky and unconventional look showcases your youthful, confident side while remaining stylish, low-maintenance, and age-appropriate.

3. Stacked Curly Bob

A woman with a stacked curly bob.
By Instagram @klazzyklipperz

A stacked curly bob is a fashionable choice for older women seeking a short and curly hairstyle.

This voluminous haircut features shorter layers in the back, adding texture and enhancing your natural curls.

You can opt for a messy or a more structured finish and play with length, part placement, and color. 

4. TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

A black woman with a gray teeny weeny Afro.
By Instagram @lorraine_gooden70

Embracing your curls with a TWA allows you to flaunt your natural hair texture effortlessly.

It’s a no-fuss hairstyle that also gives off a chic and youthful vibe.

The typical TWA is around 2 inches (5 cm) long, keeping styling easy and enhancing your facial features.

You can experiment with different hair colors, fades, and hair tattoos or add accessories like scarves or headbands for a personalized touch.

5. Short Layered Curls With A Deep Side Part

A woman with short brown layered curls with a deep side part.
By Instagram @alisonjarvishairstylist

Embrace your short, curly hairstyle by incorporating layers and a deep side part.

This hairstyle features well-defined, expertly layered curls to create volume and texture.

The deep side part adds a touch of elegance and can also be used to frame the face and enhance your features.

The layers help to manage the thickness of curly hair, making it more manageable and adding movement to the overall look. 

6. Curly Shag Bob

A woman with a brown curly shag bob.
By Instagram @hairmavenkylaadams

A curly shag bob is a fun, modern haircut suitable for women of all ages.

This style adds texture and movement to your hair, creating a carefree, effortless vibe.

It’s an uncommon hairstyle for women of a certain age, but if you love fashion-forward hairdos, give it a go – it embodies a confident look with a stylish edge.

7. Shoulder-Length Curly Lob (Long Bob)

A woman with a shoulder-length blonde curly bob.
By Instagram @hair_by_mzk

A shoulder-length curly lob is a fabulous choice for women seeking a flexible and chic hairstyle.

Falling gracefully to the shoulders, this look combines the elegance of longer locks with the manageability of a shorter cut, adding texture and movement to your overall appearance.

This style is trendy and easy to maintain, making it perfect for mature women who want a timeless option that can be dressed up or down, ensuring you look fabulous on any occasion.

8. Side-Parted Triangle Bob

A woman with a side-parted triangle bob.
By Instagram @hair_georgedivision

A side-parted triangle bob is a daring haircut that combines geometric lines and asymmetry for a striking face-framing effect.

The side part adds a touch of drama and accentuates the angles of the style, making it a bold and dynamic look.

It’s a great haircut for older women who embrace an avant-garde appearance showcasing individuality and a strong sense of style.

9. Tapered Curly Pixie With Long Side Bangs

A woman with a tapered curly pixie with long side bangs.
By Instagram @studio59aveda

A tapered curly pixie with long side bangs is an excellent option for older women looking to showcase their natural curls in an easy, low-maintenance style.

The tapering at the back reduces bulk, while the longer side bangs frame your face, adding structure and dimension.

This hairstyle is popular, easy to manage, and embraces the gorgeous texture of curly hair. 

10. Curly French Bob

A woman with a gray curly French bob.
By Instagram @curl_queen_

A curly French bob is an effortlessly chic hairstyle that has stood the test of time.

Inspired by Parisian fashion, this hairstyle features a bob with bangs that strikes the right balance between length and curl pattern.

The beauty of this classic cut lies in its timeless style, and you can customize bang length, part placement, and hair color for a more bespoke, original look. 

11. Curly A-Line Cut With Choppy Layers

An old woman with a gray curly A-line cut with choppy layers.
By Instagram @beautybyjennynova

A curly A-line cut is a dynamic and fashionable hairstyle that marries the classic A-line shape with a playful touch of texture.

This haircut features a structured A-line silhouette, gradually getting longer towards the front.

The addition of choppy layers introduces movement and dimension, enhancing the natural curls and giving the style an edgy, carefree vibe. 

12. Curly Pixie With Low Taper Side Fade

A woman with a black and blonde curly pixie with low taper side fade.
By Instagram @prysm__salon

A curly pixie cut with a low taper side fade The Curly Pixie with a Low Taper Side Fade is a contemporary and daring choice.

This hairstyle features a trendy yet playful combination of a classic pixie cut with a low taper on the sides.

The low fade adds structure and sharpness, perfectly contrasting the voluminous and textured curls on top.

It’s a bold statement look that exudes confidence and modern flair, making it ideal for mature women who want to stand out with their curly locks.

13. Short Feathered Curly Bob

A woman with a short blonde feathered curly bob.
By Instagram @the.egoist.hair

A short feathered curly bob is a timeless option incorporating light, airy layers that frame your face and add texture.

These feathered layers allow the natural curls to bounce and move gracefully, adding movement and volume to the overall look.

This style embraces your natural curl pattern, offering a versatile and ageless choice for women who desire sophistication and ease of care.

14. Curly Short Sidecut

A woman with a black curly short sidecut.
By Instagram @fizcaju

A curly short sidecut is a uniquely contemporary look featuring one shaved side with the remaining hair left curly and short.

It adds an edgy twist to a short, curly look and works well with various hair types and face shapes.

While this is an unconventional look for mature women, no rule says you must forgo modern trends after a certain age.

15. Asymmetrical Curly Bob

A woman with a black asymmetrical curly bob.
By Instagram @malvascurls

An asymmetrical bob is a chic and versatile hairstyle for older women with curly hair.

This style emphasizes your natural texture while adding visual interest to your look.

The key is to keep one side slightly longer than the other, creating a dynamic and fashionable look that beautifully complements your natural curls. 

16. Short Side-Parted Afro-Textured Curls

A black woman with short side-parted Afro-textured curls.
By Instagram @adrianfanus

Short side-parted afro-textured curls celebrate the beauty of natural texture and volume.

With a defined side part, this style exudes confidence and embraces the distinctive character of Afro-textured curls.

The short length keeps it manageable while allowing your curls to shine.

It’s a bold and empowering choice, perfect for showcasing your unique style and embracing your unique curl pattern.

17. Chin-Length Curls With Curly Bangs

An old woman with gray chin-length curls with curly bangs.
By Instagram @carveandco

When considering short curly hairstyles for older women, chin-length curls with curly bangs are a flattering and versatile option.

This cut frames your face beautifully, bringing balance and structure to all curl types and face shapes.

It creates a cohesive, tasteful appearance, highlighting that age is just a number when it comes to rocking a fashionable hairstyle.

18. Curly Bob With Side-Swept Curly Bangs

A woman with a gray and white curly bob with side-swept curly bangs.
By Instagram @sassy_silverlinings

A curly bob with side-swept curly bangs is a timeless and adaptable option for older women that suits various face shapes and curl patterns.

This hairstyle strikes a perfect balance between structured and carefree, making it a versatile and timeless choice for those who want a chic yet relaxed look.

19. Curly Wedge Cut With Nape Undercut

An old woman with a white wedge cut with a nape undercut.
By Instagram @marymargaret.giberson

A curly wedge cut with a nape undercut is a fresh, modern take on short, curly hairstyles for older women.

The wedge shape brings a unique dimension to the curls, while the nape undercut adds a hint of rebellion to your overall look.

This style is for those seeking a distinctive, fashion-forward appearance that beautifully showcases their curly texture.

20. Curly Pixie Cut With Asymmetrical Face-Frame

A curly pixie cut with asymmetrical face-framing pieces offers a unique twist on a traditional look.

This style plays with varying lengths, allowing the asymmetry to create a dynamic look that draws attention to your facial features.

It’s an ultra-modern choice that stands out and embraces individuality while maintaining a sense of balance.

21. Curly Inverse Bob With Baby Bangs

A woman with a red curly inverse bob with baby bangs.
By Instagram @goodjobjill

The curly inverse bob with baby bangs is a distinctive and creative option that plays with angles.

It involves shorter hair in the back and longer curls in the front, with the baby bangs adding a unique, contemporary touch.

This haircut offers a captivating frame for the face without being overly conventional.

22. Middle-Parted Layered Curly Lob

A woman with a gray middle-parted layered curly bob.
By Instagram @jillsellhair

A middle-parted layered curly lob is a stylish and age-appropriate option for older women seeking a short haircut.

By parting your hair in the middle, you create a flattering, symmetrical look that creates balance and complements your facial features.

The lob’s length also allows for easy management while adding a charming touch to your overall look.

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